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The Center's Behavioral Health & Wellness provides addiction and mental health services through our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment programs, managed by ChoicePoint Health.

Our virtual or in-person addiction treatment is designed to fit your life. The solution-driven team and practices work so that your personal and professional commitments, family support, and long-distance commute struggle, are not a hindrance to your health care. There should be no delay in your addiction treatment process.  Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance are accepted.

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The Center for Behavioral Health & Wellness

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  • Medical counseling and targeted therapy.

  • Personalized and flexible treatment plan to help you overcome alcohol and drug addiction. 

  • Individual counseling where you will meet with your counselor weekly.

  • Group Therapy ranges from three to five times a week, depending on your treatment plan, and averages three hours.

  • Medically assisted treatment (MAT)

  • Support sessions with those involved in your treatment to provide optimal success.

  • Fulfill our patients' work-related commitments with ongoing treatment.

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