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Our Mission is three fold to creating a caring enviroment


The Mission of the Hospitality Committee is 3 fold:

  • To promote awareness of The Center's mission

  • To provide a home atmosphere for the residents of Center House by sending holiday cards, small gifts, and apartment supplies several times a year

  • To create social events for the clients of The Center and the residents of Center House

The Committee is responsible for providing each resident with birthday and Christmas gifts personalized to their needs and desires, based on surveys they have completed.

In addition, the Committee sees to it that The Center public spaces are decorated according to season – creating an exciting and wonderful atmosphere for all who are part of The Center’s life.

The Committee also makes sure that as each new resident comes to Center House their apartment is welcoming and they have everything they need: sheets and towels, cookware and utensils. They enter their new home having everything they need to make a new start.

The Hospitality Committee is involved in the following events:

  • World AIDS Day

  • Fireworks Party (fundraiser for apartment refurbishment and farewell gifts)

  • Red Heart Gala (honoring our outstanding volunteers and supporters)

  • Center Bike Ride

  • Asbury Park St. Patrick's Day Parade

  • New Jersey AIDS Walk

  • Center a la Carte

  • Resident Picnic

You are invited to help the Hospitality Committee live their mission in the following ways:

  • Purchase Gift cards of any amount from Shop Rite, Target or FoodTown

  • Sponsor a resident's birthday gift in the amount of $25

  • Sponsor a resident's holiday/Christmas Gift in the amount of $50


For more information on how you can help, contact Karen Petrillo at OR just click on the heart below to contact Karen.

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