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the center 

Your generosity helps fund our mission to provide home cooked meals and services to homeless, low-income and marginalized men, women, and youth. Through your donations, we are able to make sure people are connected with lifesaving healthcare, provided with job training opportunities, receiving housing (if approved), and have a supportive community.

ways TO GIVE:

The Center has partnered with Harness Giving so that when you shop, you can round up your change to the next dollar. NOW you can set a monthly giving level.

1. Connect an Eligible Card

Create a donor account and then link an eligible credit card that you'd like to use for round-up donations.

2. Make Purchases with that Card

Purchases made on that card will "Round-Up" to the next dollar as change which you can see in your donor account.

3. Change is Donated Monthly

"Round-Up" change from your card purchases accumulates and then is donated on the last day of the month.

round up your purchases every month

In Person or by mail

806 Third Avenue

Asbury Park, New Jersey, 07712

Stop by and see our home. We've been caring for the HIV/AIDS community for 30 years.

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